Top Tips for Planning Your Motorhome Holiday

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March 5, 2019
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Top Tips for Planning Your Motorhome Holiday

Motorhome holidays are wonderful experiences, perfect for exploring mammoth areas in one swoop, waking up to a beautiful and different sight every day and reinvigorating the senses and your love of adventure.

While family motorhome holidays can create new and exciting experiences for everyone involved, it is important to plan well to ensure the experience goes off without a hitch. Here are our top tips for planning your perfect motorhome holiday and ensuring you are ready for adventure.

Choose Your Portable Home

While a family adventure offers fun and excitement, having a cramped motorhome will lead to cabin fever and irritations.

When selecting a company for motorhome hire in the north east or Teesside, choose a company that offers spacious 4 or 6 berth luxury motorhome options, fitted with all the necessary modern technology, so your family has the space to be comfortable and the daily necessities to keep everyone happy. Remember to look for motorhome hire that offers new and excellent condition motorhomes; you want your holiday to be enjoyable with no annoyances.

Where To Go And Where To Stay

There is nothing more invigorating than the open road, but it is wise to choose your initial base to give you an objective when you start your holiday. Having a vague plan is not always the best approach, often if these campsites are popular, you may find that they’re booked up months in advance. Also, be mindful of where the nearest ones are in relation to sites you want to see.

Motorhome holidays are for exploring, not sitting on the motorway, staring at traffic. Don’t set yourself too many places to see, your time is well-spent really soaking up a place of interest, rather than hurriedly dashing through and missing important features.

Don’t Forget!

Motorhome holidays give you freedom and opportunity, but it’s wise to prepare beforehand to make sure your holiday isn’t spent shopping. Must haves include;

  • A torch
  • Supply of gas canisters
  • A blanket (for picnics and chilly nights)
  • A pack of cards for evening entertainment
  • A raincoat!

Its not easy keeping everyone happy on holiday, but if you plan ahead – rote, where to stay, plenty of food in store, games for the kids, it will make life much easier.

And don’t forget, you’re in charge of the travel so it’s much easier to change plans – unlike package holidays where you book excursions and are then stuck with them even if the weather on the day spoils them as an activity. With a motorhome holiday, you can have plans in place but adapt based on the conditions.


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