5 Top Tips for Cooking Meals on a Motorhome Holiday

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March 5, 2019
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5 Top Tips for Cooking Meals on a Motorhome Holiday

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Our motorhomes provide you with a well-equipped kitchen and a range of utensils to put together any meals you want to make for yourself and the family on your holidays. But cooking in a more compact kitchen may prove a challenge for some, and instant pasta mug shots and pot noodles can only get you so far – so here are 5 of our top tips for keeping yourselves fed with proper meals in your motorhome.

1. Watch Your Resources

Most decent campsites will provide you with all the water, electricity and gas hook-ups that you need, but you can’t guarantee you’ll always be on-site. Your resources are limited, so if you’re going to be away from a top-up for a considerable amount of time, you may want to think about how you’ll deal with that food-wise. You may want to prepare food in advance and store it in the fridge, ready to heat up.

2. Keep It Simple!

A good principle to live by when making meals on a motorhome holiday is to keep it simple. You don’t need to prepare anything fancy – we would recommend one pot meals such as curries or risottos. It doesn’t take much to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal to energise you for your motorhome adventures.

3. Plan Ahead

It is a good idea to make a list of what you’re going to bring and the meals you’re going to make. That way you can ensure that your get the most out of your ingredients (especially your perishables!) and less will go to waste. Plus you won’t have to worry about whether or not you have the right things in to make what you want.

4. Clean Up As You Go

This is a big one! Nobody wants to have a mountain of washing up staring at you when you’re trying to relax – avoid piling up the dishes, pots and pans by cleaning up as you go. That way you can enjoy your meal with minimal impact on your holiday. Or better yet, make it a team effort – when the whole family is helping out, cleaning up will be a walk in the park, which will leave you time for the real thing.

5. Mix Things Up!

We’re not suggesting you have to do all your food inside the motorhome – in fact, we’d suggest keeping things varied. Bring along a barbeque and take advantage of sunny weather, or consider checking out the local cuisine. Keep things interesting, and the family won’t get bored easily!


Are there any essential tips that you think we’ve missed? Feel free to let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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